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Hello Everyone!!  I am Pratik Kantharia.

Let me tell you about myself. Here is my story.

I have Bachelor degree in Computer Science. I have completed my graduation in June, 2005. Currently, I am studying Postgraduate Certificate course in Advance Website Development for e-business.

After completing my graduation, I had joined Squad Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Junior Software Consultant. I started developing online e-commerce applications using ASP.NET & MySQL. After getting proficient knowledge in web-development and based on my performance, I got promoted and had secured position of Senior Software Engineer.

During my postgraduation study, I have also developed good web applications using PHP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, MySQL, SQL Server 2005. Please have a look at them in my portfolio. To know more about relevant work experience, please have a look at my resume.

In our field, we have to believe in "Smart Work" instead of "Hard Work". There may be so many ways to reach the destination, but the winner will be one who will select the best way to reach the destination.

Please feel free to contact me. I am available on +1-416-953-1853. You can also email me on